Conventional Loan Options

Viewpoint Lending makes the conventional loan process convenient and stress-free! The first step in applying for conventional loans is reaching out to Viewpoint Lending. We offer conventional loan rates for clients looking to buy or refinance a home throughout the area.

Conventional loans are known as the most common type of mortgage. However, it’s not a good idea for everyone to take this loan route. Conventional loans are beneficial for those that meet precise qualifications and maximum loan amount guidelines. Depending on your financial situation, conventional mortgage loans can have a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Viewpoint Lending offers a diverse variety of conventional loan options to help home buyers purchase their dream home. We can close quick, 30 days or less!


Making conventional loans work for the local housing markets can be difficult if you don’t have expert assistance. With honesty and integrity as our group’s foundation, Viewpoint Lending is here to help, educate, empower, and assist our clients in receiving the best conventional loan rates possible. Let us find the best conventional loans tailored to suit your needs, desires, and finances.

Viewpoint Lending offers the best conventional loan solutions coupled with competitive interest rates and closing costs. From applying for a conventional loan to being approved, Viewpoint Lending will always have your best interest in mind. Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced licensed loan officers are working for YOU. We are client advocates who go above and beyond to find the best opportunities to purchase your perfect home.

Viewpoint Lending is always happy to help! Ask us about our Close of Escrow Guarantee. Give Viewpoint Lending a call, and let’s discuss the best conventional loan options for you!


  • Minimum FICO of 620
  • -1% Down Payment Program
  • -3% Down Payment Program
  • -5% Down Payment with High Balance Program
  • No Mortgage Insurance